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Quality Assurance Policy
Al Towaity operates a Quality Management System for procurement construction, construction management and project of civil construction works and ar~ going to apply for ISO 9001 certificate in a short time period.

The quality system to be applied to any project will primarily be controlled by the project with assistance from the Company’s Quality Assurance Group on an “as tieeded~’ basis. A Quality Assurance Engineer would be assigned at the start of any project to:

  • Participate in the review specifically in respect to quality assurance quality control, occupational health and safety and certification.
  • Assist in developing the quality plan.
  • Coordinate and produce the audit and review programme.

The majority of projects are executed using Al Towaity National Corp. standard procedures, supplement by work instructions for such activities as documented control (including correspondence). Cost control, planning and scheduling, or to make the standard procedures adaptable to the project to suit Client individual requirements.


A Contract Specific Quality Assurance Plan
Work Includes 
  1. Maintaining a complete quality control program.
  2. Providing competent inspection for work on site and off site.
  3. Performing required inspections and test to determine and verify that quality of work and, materials conform to specified requirements.
  4. Obtaining producer test reports analysis and certificated of compliance.
  5. Provide documentation including results of cacti lest and specified inspection of supervision agent.
  6. Providing adequate notice, fully coordinate, and demonstrating that all test and inspections are performed arid, when specified witnessed by Supervision Agent.
  7. Auditing implementation of the quality control program procedures.
Basic Objectives
  1. To ensure that all work adheres strictly to all requirements of the contract documents

  2. To product first-class workmanship.

  3. Maintain approved QC procedures to ensure that tasks performed, including but not limited to, material supply, transportation and construction activities, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, etc.. Will comply with the contract documents.

  4. To prevent deficiencies through pre-construction quality control coordination.

  5. To detect and correct deficiencies in a timely manner.

  6. To provide for Supervision Agent an auditable record of all tests, inspections, Procedures, non-compliance and corrections, and any other pertinent data as required by Supervision Agent.

  7. Audit and verify compliance with all approved QC procedures of subcontractors, Vendors, and suppliers.

Organization of QC Management
QC team consists of a QC Responsible Engineer and other QC Staff.

Responsibilities and Duties of QC Staff:

  1. Be present on-site during all working hours and assigned full-time to the project.
  2. Have complete familiarity with the contract drawings and specifications.
  3. Establish and implement QC programs and monitor conformance.
  4. Inspect existing conditions prior to the start of new work segments.
  5. Perform in-progress and follow-up inspections on each work segment to ensure compliance with the contract documents.
  6. Coordinate required tests, inspections, and demonstrations with Supervision Agent’s inspector.
  7. Inspect all materials and equipment arriving at the site to ensure conformance to the requirements of the contract documents. Prepare and submit to Supervision Agent written reports as required by the contract documents.
  8. Work closely with Supervision Agent to ensure optimum control and attend meetings as required.
Provision of QC Facilities and Devices 
To provide and maintain access, facilities, all measuring and testing devices laboratory equipment, and instruments necessary to accomplish required inspections and tests. Measuring and test devices shall be calibrated as required by specifications and in presence of supervisory staff. The standards against which the measurement equipment are periodically calibrated shall have their accuracy verified by or through a precise comparison with recognized standards.
Al-Towaity Policy Statement
The policy of Al Towaity National Corp. is to insure so far as it reasonably practical the health and safety at work of all employees its contractors and those others who arc in some way involved in the company’s activities.

The company’s safety policy is based on the company’s view that health and safety have equal status to any other business objective.

The company is committed to a continual updating and improvement of health and safety standards and to the reduction of accidents and lost time incidents.

Health and safety is the responsibility of Managers and Supervisors at every level in the Company and ills an integral of their duties.

Company personnel have a contractual and legal, as well as an individual obligation to protect themselves and others from accident or injury, and guard against any harm to the environment.

An absolute condition of employment that all staff comply with the Company’s health and safety policy.

In the event of an accident at work location, it is a Company requirement that the details are properly reported and investigated, and prompt action is taken to avoid recurrence.

The Company requires all contractors working on its behalf to operate health and safety standards fully consistent with its own and expects contractors to achieve computable levels of performance as a condition of their contract.

This policy statement if reinforced by a set 0f— policy Objectives, as described below.

Policy objectives:

in accordance with its stated policy on health and safety, Al Towaity National Corp. has set the following objectives:

The elimination of accidents at work

the achievement of the company s required health and safety standards and safe system of work.

Active management of safety to foster constant awareness among all staff of the health and safety aspects of their work and of the environment they work in.

Provision of appropriate for all personal to enable them to work safely.

Encouragement of all personnel to participate in improving the health and safety standards of the Company.

Collection, discussion and dissemination of up date, authoritative information on health and safety, particularly issues arising out of incidents.


Al-Towaity Policy Statement
In site organization a site health safety management committee shall be formed to manage overall site health and safety management activities. This committee shall be formed by the participation of the Employer’s the Engineer’s and the contractor s representative. The committee shall hold regular meeting for reviewing practical applications and possible precautions. I

A technical safety chief having complete experience in this field shall organize the site health and safety management activities and sufficient amount of experienced staff for this purpose shall be available.

A site health safety management program shall be prepared and performed after analyses and evaluating the site and work condition and defining the possible risks.

After defining possible risks, requirement for health and safety management ( like helmets barest, eyec4asses. earplugs, safety belts, signal flags, signal lamps, warning sings, security, hands, safety barriers, etc..) shall be procured and use of equipment shall be assured.

Necessary precautions shall be taken applied for the following risk items

  • Vehicular Traffic.
  • Motor Vehicles Machinery.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment and Apparatus.
  • Loading-Unloading- Transport Activities.
  • Excavation — Transfer Activities.
  • Lifting Activities.
  • Drilling Activities.
  • Excavation Activities.
  • Mounting Activities.
  • Stair- Scaffolding~Platform~Railing.
  • Fire.
  • First Aid

For traffic management related international and Yemen Laws and Regulations shall have taken into considered and shall be applied strictly.

The Company usually make arrangement for a mobile clinic at site on weekly basis and company usually made a regular medical check to aU its workers at camp and at work site. An arrangement is made with the local hospital for immediately attending any emergencies and accidents.


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