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The company was established in  1976 by Mr. Hamood Kaid Al-Towaity in Sana'a city. It Commenced its work in a clearly diligent manner keeping in sight the realisation of serving the development aims and keeping abreast of historic development through which Yemen has been passing in various spheres (construction, Agricultural development, economic Development, health development, cultural development , ....etc)

Our company had the lion's share in the accomplishing projects in the constructions sphere for numerous reasons, among them:-

Care and devotion to precise and speedy accomplishment of work..
citbul3d.gif (60 bytes) Providing the best materials according to the most precise specifications.
citbul3d.gif (60 bytes) Care for precise delivery of work and projects on  schedule.

The corporation is headed by a Board of directors  that has absolute and supreme authority to operate works. From this Board branches of an organised and harmonious administrative structure that abreast of modern scientific developments in the art of management . The Board is composed of :

Hammod Kaid Al-Towaity
Chairman of Administration Council
Mater Kaid Al-Towaity
Member of the Administrative Council for Administration Affairs and Finance
Abdulsalam Kaid Al-Towaity
Member of the Administrative Council for Sales Affairs and Projects Observation


General Information
Company Name : Al-Towaity National Contracting & Engineering Corporation
Date of REGISTRATION : 1976

Address : Sana'a - Republic Of YEMEN

                Tel : +967 - 1- (615216 ) / ( 615215) / (612 561) / (230735)

                Fax : +967 - 1 - 612204

                E-mail :


Tel.:967 1 615215/615216, Fax: 967 1 612204

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